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COBL's Services


The COBL Staff is dedicated to assisting the faculty and staff of BGSU in the development and design of online courses. We provide training, resources, consultation and evaluation services, and faculty support for creating and delivering quality online courses and programs.

Appointments are available Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm. Contact our office by phoning 419.372.6792 or email to set up a time to meet or to learn more about the services we provide.

Online Course and Program Approval
  • COBL Endorsement/Checklist
    COBL’s endorsement is a part of the overall BGSU Curriculum Modification process to get a course approved for online delivery. COBL will review the online course syllabus and ensure that the course/program meets the requirements as stated on the BGSU Online and Blended Course Development Checklist. The checklist must be signed by the director of COBL and sent with the signed curriculum modification (blue/green) sheet to the provost’s office for final approval.

  • New Online Course Consultations
    Connie Molnar, COBL’s director, is available to consult with departments on new course and program ideas for online delivery and offer planning assistance.

Online Course Development and Instructional Design

Whether the goal is adapting current face to face course content for online delivery or finding new innovative ways to deliver materials and assess learning for an online class, COBL’s Instructional Designers offer support to faculty in creating online courses and implementing online tools and technology that will achieve all of the established course objectives. Online faculty are encouraged to meet with members of the COBL staff as little or as much as necessary throughout the online course design and development process.  

  • One-on-One Planning Consultations

  • Syllabus Development

  • Course Organization and Design

  • Content Development /Adaptation

  • Introduction to Online Tools and Technology

  • Follow Up Consultations

  • Quality Matters Rubric Application

Online Faculty Training
  • Online Faculty Training Course

  • Face to Face Workshops and Seminars

  • Tutorials